facial moisturizers are a life saver

How to Correctly Moisturize your Face

Well, hello there. Before you dive into this article, take a glass of water and moisturize that gorgeous skin of yours from the inside. Hydration starts with the daily intake of enough water so if you want that supple, plumply and youthful appearance that comes with skin that is adequately moisturized, ensure you take enough […]

doing your facial cleansing the right way helps to keep your skin clear and hydrated

Facial Cleansing Routine: the Proper Approach

Achieving clear, beautiful and healthy skin is really a journey and I think it’s safe to say it’s one that never really ends. If you’re blessed with clear skin and do not even have the slightest inkling what breakouts are, cheers (I’m lowkey envious). However, for those of us on the other side of the […]


Hello Femmes, with most of us having a lot of products that make up our beauty regimen or skincare routine, the thought of whether we are layering them up the right way is never far off. In addition to this, we also wonder what the waiting times between products should be.  Whether to use specific […]