10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You’ll Love

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You’ll Love

Bringing minimalism into a  personal space such as your bedroom provides you with immense clarity and tranquility. The bedroom is basically where you go to get away from all the bustle of the day, revitalize your energy levels for the next and off course have sweet dreams. Some of us even get really creative ideas and make life changing decisions here. Adding a modern twist to your Minimalist bedroom decor makes this personal space even more soothing.

Minimalism preaches the “less is more” approach to life. Decorating your space in a minimalist fashion means you only make do with what’s necessary. You don’t necessarily have to be an all round minimalist before you decide to decorate your bedroom in a modern minimalist fashion. It might just mean you want your bedroom to be free of clutter and needless furniture so you can really unwind and relax in it.

10 Decor Tips For Your Modern Minimalist Bedroom

To kickstart your journey to designing your modern minimalist bedroom, here are some helpful tips for you.


10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

In designing your modern minimalist bedroom, you want to ensure the room stays clutter free at all times. For this, you can choose to incorporate storage where you can store away your collectibles among other things.

Having and maintaining a clutter free bedroom shouldn’t be so hard as the minimalist lifestyle is all about owning a few necessary things. 

However, if you have quite a number of things that you want to display on your nightstands, for example, let them be essentials only. Things that you have to make use of on a daily basis.

Simple Palette

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

Minimalism begins from the colours you decide to use in your space. However, you don’t have to confine yourself to the classic palettes of black, white and grey. To be safe, you want to stay clear of bright colours and pastels, instead think neutrals. 

Neutrals are amazing when it comes to designing a modern minimalist bedroom, they make a solid bone for your decor and then all other things can just fall into place. 

In addition to neutrals, they’re a lot of other colours within white you can choose from. Moody black works perfectly too!

Clean Lines Furniture

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

In your modern minimalist bedroom, you don’t want a lot going on in terms of furniture. The kind of furniture that work best for minimalist decor are the ones with clean lines.

Busy furniture with ornate carvings and other details will only bring confusion into your space. 

Go for elegant, simple and chic furniture with straight cuts which add an airy feel that’s perfect for your “less is more” decor.

Bare walls

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

Now, this is optional and only go for it if you think it’s resonant perfectly with your overall decor. 

What bare walls do for your modern minimalist bedroom is to keep it fuss free, simple and straightforward. 

Little Touch Ups

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

Take your modern minimalist bedroom to another level by adding little touch ups. However, this can be a little tricky as going overboard can easily take off that minimalist look you’re aiming. 

The key to adding touch ups to your Minimalist bedroom is to add simple patterns and artworks with limited palettes. 

Steer clear from busy prints/patterns, large floral designs, basically any complicated design/artwork that’s likely to call for too much attention.

 Hop on the Indoor Plants Trend.

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

What’s a modern bedroom without a few indoor plants? They’re really trending right now and there’s no reason not to hop on the trend. 

Asides the aesthetics they will add to your overall modern minimalist decor, they will purify the air around your space, as well as boost your mood without adding clutter. 

These plants do not require a lot of work. All you have to do for them to thrive is to place them near a light source and water them occasionally.


10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

In minimalism, balance is a big thing. Most especially when it relates to the size of the furniture and the size of the room.  

You don’t want to place small bedroom furniture in a big room and vice versa, it’s just wrong. Go big with your furniture if your room is big and go small if your space is small.

Also,you want to make sure there’s a balance between your decor and furniture. Do this by ensuring that their colours are in sync and they’re arranged symmetrically. 

With all of these, you’ll just love the calm and soothing feel your modern minimalist bedroom gives off.

Floating Nightstands

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

Take a break from traditional nightstands and instead, go for floating nightstands. 

These nightstands go in line with minimalist decor and give off this clean, fussless, modern vibe that’s just perfect for your modern bedroom. 

Floating nightstands come in different shapes, sizes and designs. If you have a little bit of collectibles that need to be put away or just need storage, go for the ones with drawers. 

If you have a bit of time on your hands and would like to save some money, floating nightstands make for easy DIYs!

Sheer Curtains

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

With sheer Curtains in your modern minimalist bedroom, you let in a lot of natural light while also cozying up your space.

In minimalism, bright rooms and natural light are a must and that’s what you get with sheer curtains.

To get the most of your curtains, go for the white coloured ones, they get the job done perfectly.

Input your Personality in your Modern Minimalist Bedroom

10 Tips For The Modern Minimalist Bedroom You'll Love

Your modern minimalist bedroom doesn’t have to be sterile and void of your personality.

One way to add your personality is to have fun while shopping for your furniture. Go for pieces that appeal to you and show who you are as a person. 

You can also do this by adding a pop of colour. Your favorite bright colour will do the trick. 

Simple designs that also reflect your personality or that are close to your heart are also great!

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